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Steam Generator

A steam generator is generally an apparatus used for converting hot water into steam at high pressure by the use of coils through which the conversion actually takes place. It can be generally classified into low water content boiler and flash steam boiler. In Saunas, modular steam generator is used which does not use much water and the steam is controlled by electronically controlled steam generator complete with timer & temperature setting.


  •  Electronically Controlled Steam Generator complete with Timer Temperature Setting.
  •  Stainless steel tank guaranteed for 5 years
  •  316# 1mm thick SS long heating element.
  •  Scale resistant water level control sensor
  •  Auto steam drain system with 5 min. delay time.
  •  Exhaust fan (Provision)
  •  Mobile Interface (Optional)
  •  Light (Provision)
  •  Safety valve
  •  Recessed Touch Pad
  •  Available in 3kw, 4.5kw, 6kw, 9kw, 12kw, 15kw, 18kw, 21kw & 24kw capacity.