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Size: 1600x800x580mm

Size: 1700x850x650

Size: 1500x1420x610mm

Size: 1600x800x630mm

Size: 1750x800x820mm

Size: 1700x920x580mm

Size: 1700x920x580mm

Size: 1650x700x600mm

Size: 1600x850x650mm

Experience the sophistication of simplicity with Vanito bathtubs. Its minimal design language flows gracefully along the smooth contours,

Size: 1700 x 970 x 675mm

Premium Free Standing Bathtubs Online At Oyster Bath

Are you looking for a premium free standing bathtub? So don’t worry about the brand is good for the stand bathtub to your bathroom. Oyster bath concepts are always with you to choose and decide about bathroom fittings.

Oyster Bath brings the best range of bathroom wellness products. If you have decided to buy a free standing bathtub now, Oyster is best to buy a stand bathtub in the bathroom fitting market right now.

Oyster has many types of freestanding bathtubs like Mermaid, Bamhan, Olmec, Moai, Petra, Sphinx, Vanito, and more. These all are in different and unique sizes. Here, our clients can easily find their oysters according to uses and preferences.

The freestanding bathtub gives a luxurious feel to relax in your bathroom after a long day of work. Choose a premium range of free-standing bathtub, sanitary ware, bathroom showers, shower panels, and more at Oyster bath.