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Size: 1000 x 700mm

Size: 700 X 380 mm

Brisk shower exudes a refinement that brings a new standard of luxury to bathing. With elegantly designed features

Size: 1000x700mm

The Brook Shower 800 is the finest shower in the range. Along with a host of luxurious and rejuvenating features,

Size: 800x800 mm

The Brook Shower 800p is luxuriously designed shower that integrates exquisite style, unbeatable features

Size: 800x600 mm

The Brook Shower 700 is equipped with an array of innovative shower heads that recreate the blissfulness of bathing in the rain.

Size: 700x380 mm

Size: 600 x 600mm

The Brook Shower 500P takes bathing to a whole new level. It fuses the classic stainless steel look with a choice of shower heads

Size: 500x500 mm

The Brook Shower 400 is a stylish yet functional unit with a larger coverage area.

Size: 400x400 mm

Size: 400x400mm

The Brook Shower 300P presents a neat and stylish look with its steel surface finish.

Size: 300x300 mm

Size: 600 X 600 mm

Size: 600 X 400 mm

Size: 500 X 300 mm

Size: 400 mm

Size: 300 X 300 mm

Size: 500 x 230mm

Bring unmatched style to your bathroom and experience shower like never before with the exquisitely designed Waterfall.

Size: 110x180 mm

Oyster introduced revolutionary high flow electronic diverter with never before 2 years replacement guarantee.


Bathroom Faucets/Taps Rain Showers

rain bathroom faucets and showers are famous for their style, features, and functionality. Ceiling Rain showers provide a trickling effect to the body in an enthusiastic shower bath. At Oyster, we bring a multitude of styles and sizes in bathroom faucets taps, and showers to satisfy all your desires. Brook bathroom faucets are another name for uplifting your mind, body, and soul. It is packed with sleek designs and characteristics to deliver an oozing effect on your every thought so that you can have the perfect bathroom shower of your dreams.

Revolutionize your bathing experience

Choose a shower with multi-shower heads and revolutionize your bathing experience. Now give yourself a Natural waterfall-like experience at home and bring the feel of a tropical vacation with your own rain clouds. So, are you ready to ramp up the waterfall vibe by treating yourself to refreshing by rain shower bathroom faucets and taps? It brings comfort and soothing sensations to your daily bath.

Oyster bath multi-functional bathroom shower panels have varied functions that focus on well-being and relaxation: chromotherapy, Hydrotherapy, etc. Let's keep your sleepiness away and wake up every morning with exhilarating benefits like:

  • The ample size allows one to enjoy the full-on rain shower experience.
  • They are filled with a steady and even flow of water.
  • They have varied settings to create different experiences.
  • It has a great decor style to compare the luxury bathroom and your home.


At Oyster, we have the modern stepped design of Brook 300 to the classic Brook 800 bathroom showers. The entire collection of rain showers comes in multiple hosts of forms and sizes to enhance your bathroom decor. Brook Bathroom Faucets 300 is one of the initial models of the Brook series. It has a rain and mist bathroom shower. Brook 600 adds a gracious allure to your space. It has a rain shower, mist shower, and central cascade shower with integrated chromotherapy. Brook 800 is the greatest bathroom shower in the range. It also combines three swirl shower jets that take bathing to different levels. Brook bathroom faucets are excellent in every detail; the Brook Faucets range is composed of stainless steel, reflecting a mirror finish. All these products are the best examples of aesthetics, hygiene, wellness, and advanced technology used together to glorify your bathroom decor.