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Size Avalaible
1850 x 900 x 655h
Color Available

Enter your private spa and immerse yourself in its rejuvenating embrace, you’ll feel the positive energy revive your senses instantly. Drizzle comes with an array of attractive and inspired features, so get ready to feel pampered.


  • Rectangle Built-in Acrylic Bath with Metallic Galvanised Frame
  • Feather Touch Digital Control Panel
  • Water Massage-5 Hydromassage Jets & 6 Slim Hydro Massage Jets
  • 1.2 hp Whirlpool Motor for Water Massage
  • Air Massage-14 Extra Slim Air Jets
  • 0.80 hp Blower for Air Massage
  • Bath Filler Set
  • Designer Headrest
  • Remote Control
  • Underwater Light-Colored
  • Disinfection-Ozonizer
  • Music-FM Radio
  • Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
  • Dry Burning Protection
  • Water Level Sensor
  • Automatic Pop-up Waste