Exclusive overhead showers at Oyster Bath
Nothing is more relaxing than a cool shower after an exhausting day. Now, you can easily indulge in a refreshing and relaxing bath with OysterBath overhead showers. 
An overhead shower will give you an ultimate bathing experience. At OysterBath we provide you two shapes of overhead showers in different sizes. These overhead showers are single flow showers with Rain flow.  The wide range of overhead showers will meet all your requirements.
Our overhead showers are made up of 304# stainless steel. It gives a beautiful mirror finish to the product. You can easily adjust the shower according to your need by rotating towards left, right, up and down. The nozzles are made up of silicon, which makes the product easy to clean. You can clean your shower by just rubbing your fingers on the nozzles. You can also take the nozzle off to clean the blockage and place it again. These nozzle’s holes are thick to enjoy the shower like natural rain, it won’t make you feel like multiple needles on your body. 
The exclusive overhead showers by OysterBath can be easily installed with a shower arm on the wall and roof; it can also install with shower enclosures and bathtubs. It gives a luxurious look to your bathroom and enhances your bathing experience.
We have exquisite designs and a splendid range of shower enclosures, bathtubs, and overhead showers that are totally irresistible. All our products are designed according to the latest trends and equipped with the latest advanced technologies. All of our products will give you an ultimate bathing experience. Choose from the variety of products and take a rejuvenating bath. 
An overhead shower can turn your regular bath into a mesmerizing experience. It will stimulate your senses and give you a soothing shower like never before. 
Get ready to experience the wellness by water in a new way with OysterBath