Six ideas to renovate your bathroom in a more tempting way

By mohit
Oct 12, 2016

A bathroom is the most used place in your home, but at times you neglect its appearance. Mostly you are in a hurry or you just ignore the things. The trends keep on changing, and it is hard to keep up with the growing demands of fashion. Do you want some unique ways to update your bathroom? Here, we've got fantastic ideas to make your bath time more inviting and appealing with world class bathroom products. Whether you are interested in reviving a small area or wishing to renovate the entire place, you'll have a smart tip for everything. 

Start with the paints

If you update the walls with a new coat of paint, it is the quickest things you can do and make it more attractive. Choose a different shade card than the previous one, and pick a specific shade that matches with the bathroom. These days semi-gloss and gloss paints are in; as it is repellent to mildew and mould in comparison to other regular colours. Keep in mind that picking a particular colour you'll see it for next three to four years; as repainting is costly and requires strenuous efforts. Make sure it harmonizes with otherbathtub manufacturers are giving alternatives not only to choose the material, colour, size but shape also. With a new tub, your bathroom can feel the sense of reinvigorating vibes.

Change the flooring too

Update the flooring if your budget allows. It can dramatically change the look completely. It is not simple like lighting a candle, but it can make a huge difference. Go for concrete floors that have beautiful coats or mosaic style little-tiles; bamboo flooring is a style statement these days. They are good for the environment, economic and add a new appearance to your old bathroom. Bamboo needs protection from water so you can apply a topcoat and mats by the side of tub and showers. 

Add innovative shower tiles

Try colour-changing tiles to give a new look to your shower cabin. These tiles are responsive to heat and offer an excellent ambiance every time you take a shower. It's a new experience you have ever imagined.

Go for total remodelling

When the bathing space looks more exhaustive than before, and it doesn't allow you to fix small tiles or floors, then be ready for a complete repairing of your bathroom. It includes changing wall paintings, replacing tiles, installing a new shower or a spa tub, major vanities like cabinets and other things. This complete transformation can give our bathroom a new life and vitality that you'll enjoy for the next five-ten years.

While modifying your bathroom looks you're also changing its style. So, strive hard to create a tempting design with latest bathroom fittings in India.