Overhead Shower: Making showers even more enjoyable

By mohit
Nov 22, 2016

Showers are always great. They are satisfying, relaxing and soothing. But, you can always have a better experience. One of the ways to enhance your shower experience is installing a technically advanced overhead shower.

Today, the experiences of showers have gone through a lot of changes. Now, you may compare your experience to miniature health clubs, or to proper rain showers. There are showers with multiple shower heads and steam pouring nozzles and other special effects. Even the water preferences can be set according to the person's wish, from needle like sprays to water fall cascades. The showers have become large enough to accommodate other personal care and grooming products and have also become fancier with metal platings and many other interesting features in the shower heads.

The overhead showers are considered to be the most relaxing and refreshing. They come in different shapes, sizes and are quiet versatile. Here are some latest features in the showers that will help you decide which one to choose:

The spray style:
For quick cleaning and shampoo, the power spray style shower is considered to as the best. A full body spray offers a vigorous shower while the soft spray system is just like rain. You may choose either one of them or install a shower which offers multiple options. You could then choose the type of shower you are looking for and then enjoy it.

Concealed style:
Concealed shower sets have everything that you will be needing. They have a valve to operate, and outlets for the water to flow from. Concealed showers typically consist of a 1, 2 or 3 outlet shower valve that is installed in the wall with only the control plate showing (the 'concealed' part) and a combination of either a slide rail kit, fixed head, body jets or mini shower kit.

A flow dual showerhead or a sliding bar style, which allows the head to be moved up and down along its base to suit everyone. You may choose according to your requirements. You may also get customized showerheads with fancy bases and heads.

For the ultimate enhanced water experience, install a overhead shower with a panel system that has multiple features, so that you can refresh your body and soul whenever and however you want.