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Redefine Your Bathing Experience with Spa Bath Products by Oyster Bath

By mohit
Jun 28, 2019
Spa bath


Is there anything better for your mind, body and soul than a spa visit after a long day at work? While most of you would skip the pricey trip and would just love to sit at home to relax, we at Oyster Bath, give you the luxury of a spa at home. Sounds good! Right?

Given that the long working hours are tiresome and take a toll on your body, you certainly need a soothing sanctuary in your home itself.

So, why not turn your bathroom into an at-home spa? Like most spa services, your bathroom offers a private space wherein you can take a relaxing shower or warm bath to de-stress yourself. All it takes is a few more elements to evoke the spa-like atmosphere.

Choose a multi functional spa tub from the leading spa manufacturers- Oyster Bath. It offers you world class spa products that help you indulge your senses into wellness like never before. Simply let your senses feel the positive aura that you want after a hectic day.


Some of the exclusive features that you can consider while buying a spa tub from Oyster Bath are:

  • One of the key features that comes with spa tub from Oyster Bath is that it prevents unnecessary wastage of water. Once you fill your spa tub, you can go on using the water in it for at least 20 days. Hence, you do not have to worry about everyday filling and unnecessary wastage of water
  • Ozonizer
  • Chromotherapy
  • Paper filtration system
  • Moulded headrests
  • Online heater for temperature control
  • Filtration pumps with high flow energy efficient motors


Choose from an exclusive range of spa tubs from Oyster Bath. Some of the beautiful units include:



This comes with some innovative and intelligent features. With air and hydro massage, you get complete wellness through water that can end your day on a positive and soothing note.


  • Seating capacity for 3 adults
  • FM/CD compatibility
  • Optional ladder
  • Lighting system chromotherapy



Ahava is a spa unit that recreates the finest bathing traditions with design, perfection and functional brilliance. Every feature is designed to inspire a wave of relaxation.


  • Ozonizer
  • Air massage jets (16) air bubble jet.
  • Digital spa pack and self -diagnostic topside control
  • Water capacity- 600 L



An exquisite unit designed to elevate your bathing experience, Zarya fills you with positive energy and revitalizes your senses.


  • Seating capacity for 6 adults
  • Digital spa pack and self -diagnostic top side control
  • Paper filtration system
  • Water capacity- 1200 L



Neosha is a multifunctional spa from Oyster Bath that combines a bevy of cool features. It gives you the much needed rejuvenation and your day is filled with positivity.


  • Seating capacity for 6 adults
  • Water capacity- 1000 L
  • Ozonizer
  • FM/CD compatibility