Modify your Sleep Hygiene with Oyster Bath

By mohit
Jul 02, 2016

An unhealthy routine leads to restless sleep, strange dreams and extra activity of the brain that's not healthy for your complete body and in the end, sleep suffers. Sleep hygiene involves pre-sleep routine that is the time before the bedtime and the complete routine of your day plays a big role in inviting a sound sleep.

Watching television late at night, continuous work hours in front of the laptops before the bedtime or playing games on the smart phone. These addictive modes of recreation keep you at a distance from the healthy sleep. But you can easily invite sleep without taking sleeping pills and other medicines. Let's discover how!

Just follow a schedule and maintaining it, you'll notice satisfaction!

  • Divide your meals, take them on time.
  • Fix the time of going to bed and waking up.


Soak in bathtubs or take a Tranquil Steam Shower or Sauna Bath

The pleasant time spent in the bathtubs keeps the body hydrated. It invites sleep and becomes a strong reason for your well-being. Soaking in the whirlpool bathtubs just before the bed open up the pores and emits the dirt, sweat and harmful toxins from your body. The wet heat transmitted through the steam shower gives strength to the immune system, increases the blood circulation and results in satisfactory sleep. Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy and Chromotherapy provides benefits to the body in different ways and induces better sleep hygiene.

Eat Healthy and Stay Energetic

  • Hydrate yourself with an adequate amount of water, fresh juices and green teas etc.
  • Go for more fruits and vegetables in your meals.
  • Plan doing physical activities or spend time in your favourite sport.
  • Do a little cleaning at home, take a brisk walk of 30 minutes and try gardening on weekends.


Relax & Rejuvenate in the Magnificent Whirlpool Bathtubs from Oyster Bath

As we all go through stress, busy routine, and various emotional episodes in a day. All the physical, mental and emotional residue stays with us and disrupts our sleep if we don't release it first. So, it's one of the best modes of activity to increase energy and foster a splendid feeling of wellbeing. Make a start on better sleep hygiene. Initiate taking part in soothing and relaxing activities an hour before the bed like, soaking in the bathtubs or enjoying a therapy in your whirlpool bathtubs.

Taking Naps is Good for the Body


It is beneficial to take a short nap of fifteen to twenty minutes in a day. It provides comfort, charges the mind and keeps you refreshed for the rest of day.

It's the high time and you really need to improve the sleep hygiene. A proper lifestyle with virtuous habits, lively activities and pleasant time spent in the whirlpool bathtubs keeps you engaged and invites the righteous amount of sleep.