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Spa Bathtub

Enjoy A Spa Vacation at Your Home With Oyster Bath’s Spa Products This Summer

By mohit
May 09, 2019

A spa at your home can be the ultimate luxury. After all there’s really no place like home that could make us feel relaxed. This is indeed one of the major factors why more and more people are deciding on adding spa at home.

 With Oyster Bath, you can choose high quality spa bath products and indulge in a relaxing feeling like never before. Soak yourself in the splash of relaxing freshness of spa tubs and simply let your senses feel the aura of rejuvenation.

As you get yourself the luxury of spa at home, the comfort level doubles up itself. Choose a beautiful multifunctional spa tub from the leading spa bathtub manufacturers.

With Oyster Bath you have an array of stylish options to choose. The spa tub products are creative in appeal and convenient to use: Here are some of the elegantly designed spa tubs by Oyster Bath-


Hydra Spa Bathtub

It’s intelligent features are designed so as to give you much needed relaxation. Some of its features include seating capacity for 3 adults, Air massage jets (10), optional ladder, Hydro massage jets (3), lighting system for Chromotherapy.


Ahava Spa Tub

Get ready to take an escaping ride in the gentle world of Ahava spa tub. It has seating capacity for 5 adults, air massage jets, FM/CD compatibility, paper filtration system, Ozonizer etc.


Neosha Spa Tub

It is the perfect refuge of your relaxation to awaken your new senses. It has a seating capacity for 6 adults, ozonizer, hydromassage jets, programmable circulation pump, etc.


Zarya Spa Bathtub

Come and soak into the enormous world of positive energy and revive your senses. It has seating capacity for 6 adults, water pump, air massage jets, online heater for temperature control, filtering pump with high flow energy efficient motors etc.


Benefits of Owning a Home Spa:


Spa Experience At Home Is Affordable-

Getting a spa at home not just makes it affordable but most important it also gives enough opportunities for the family to have a get together and have great weekends to spend on a relaxing note.


Home Spas Are Safe and Comfortable

Home spa doesn’t take much long to become your favourite spot in the house. Since it turns out to be a good means to relax and chill after a tiring day at work.


Home Spas Are a Means to Indulge In Social Activities

Home spas will give you opportunities to invite your near and dear ones to your home as you can go in for arranging romantic evenings, social parties etc. This experience will make your days all the more entertaining and memorable!


Home Spas Give You Personal Benefits Too

Getting a spa at home will not just help you socialize but at the same time you gain numerous physical and mental health benefits too. Home spa will relax your stiff muscles, tired feet, body ache. It is also helpful in giving you a sound sleep.


A Powerful Means To Give You Aromatherapy

In the comfort of your home, you can also enjoy aromatherapy benefits with spa bath products by Oyster Bath. The power of gentle fragrance will give you instant relief from all sorts of tiredness and rejuvenate you instantly.


 Spa bathtubs By Oyster Bath Come With These Exclusive Features:

1- Ozonizer

2- Paper filtration system

3- Chromo therapy

4- Online heater for temperature control

5- Moulded headrests

6- Programmable circulation pump

7- Filtration pumps with high flow energy efficient motors

8- Once you fill the spa tub, the same water can be continued for 15 days*. This in turn helps you to save gallons of water and avoids unnecessary wastage.