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Discover the true meaning of health with Hydrotherapy

By mohit
Jul 05, 2016

Water is utilised for healing purpose, it is termed as Hydro-massage or Hydrotherapy. “A beautiful day at the spa is what I call heaven on earth.” Oyster Bath brings you the magical world of whirlpool bathtubs at your doorsteps. Now, enjoy and feel the energetic bliss in your own bathrooms.
There are plenty of reasons in favour of hydrotherapy that inspires good health. Hydro massage helps to galvanise the sore muscles, it makes the body free from toxins naturally. It is beneficial for diseases such as arthritis, induces mental relaxation, and improves the function of body organs and much more. Jacuzzi bath tub in India is prominent in various holiday destinations, wellness clinics, and essential part of home spas. It provides exotic soaking and spiritual retreat with the soothing ripples of water.

The physical effects of hydrotherapy on the body

Hydrotherapy uses water to deliver temperature and pressure changes to the body, these changes are observed by the body through the nerve endings in the skin and muscle. The consequences of these senses are merged to the neural reflex effects that are managed from the end of the brain and spinal cord.

Impact of Hot & Cold Water with Hydrotherapy

There are certain invisible and obscure changes that occur in the body when it interacts with hot or cold water. Both hot and cold water act in a distinct manner on the body. Heat effects soothe the body and slowdowns the activity of internal organs. In hot water the body initiates changes that keep the body cool, divert the flow of blood to the surface of the skin and open the pores of the skin, it also activates the sweat glands and provides relaxation to the muscle. Whereas the cold water conserves heat in the body, it closes the pores and sweat glands. Cold water baths in the whirlpool bathtubs activates neural networks and energise the body. Cold water stimulates and invigorate, it increases internal activity within the body.

The positive effects of Hydrotherapy or Hydro-massage on the body with water & air.

The Weightlessness: peace of mind

While soaking in the bathtub, it reduces weight 10% of the actual weight of your body. This weightlessness reduces the pressure on joints and muscles and controls the pain.

The Magic of Water Jets

An episode of wispy massage from the water jets in Jacuzzi bath tub in India activates the nerves and muscles. It upgrades the circulation of blood that results in better tissue oxygenation. It evacuates the chemicals from the body and provides a tranquil relaxation to the sore muscles.

The Wonderful Air Bubbles

The gentle, tingling sensation of supple air bubbles in water activates the neural reflexes. It promotes muscle relaxation and provides a mental state of satisfaction and well-being.

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