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Shower Columns

Bring Home the Oyster Bath Shower Panel Every Bathing Space Desires

By mohit
Sep 11, 2019
shower Panel

Oyster Bath shower panels do more than just bring a sense of class and luxury to your bathing space. A shower panel packs all the features shower enclosures hold into one sleek component. So when you’re short on space but want a rejuvenating bathing experience that refreshes you from head to toe, an Oyster Bath shower column is the bathroom wellness product you need to introduce to your life.

Oyster Bath shower panels provide you with a tranquil and therapeutic bathing experience like none other. They add a contemporary look and feel to your bathroom while bringing the perfect blend of convenience and technology to your bathing routine.


What are the Benefits of a Shower Column?

  1. Space is maximized within your shower enclosure
  2. The wall mounted design allows the incorporation of multiple features in one element
  3. With an incorporated shower head, shower panels also do not need an extra hand shower attachment
  4. Installation is extremely easy and doesn’t cause disruption to the existing décor
  5. Ideal choice for small spaces as they pack a plethora of features into a sleek component


Here’s a list of Oyster Bath’s very best Shower Panels:

  1. Caligo
  2. Dench
  3. Arroyo
  4. Breathe
  5. Pemneda
  6. Jubilee
  7. Astute
  8. Sarah
  9. Cairo
  10. Peneda
  11. Damascus

Some exciting features that Oyster Bath Shower Panels have to offer

  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Overhead  shower and movable body jets
  • In-built 6 colour LED lights
  • Multi-flow system


With all this and more to offer, what better choice when you’re looking for a shower panel? Bring home an Oyster Bath Shower Column today!