A world of features brought together to ensure a refreshingly wonderful bathing experience. Aqua Shower is more than a shower

Size: 1270 x 220 x 405

In its minimal form, Arroyo showcases an exquisiteness that is absolutely divine. The built-in design incorporates a range of fine

Size: 1700 x 232

With its refreshingly innovative design language & thoughtfully conceived & executed features, Astute envelopes you in absolute relaxation

Size: 1483 x 260 x 73

Breathe truly takes your breath away with its concealed stainless steel design. This exclusive unit gives you the benefit

Size: 1600 x 232

With Cairo, you don't just shower, instead, you are showered with blissful relaxation. The unit offers a luxurious range of features

Size: 1480 x 200

Dance in the rain or simply bathe in its refreshing shower, Cove, an exceptionally versatile and stunning shower column.


Damascus is a superlatively stylish shower column that adds a new degree of aesthetic brilliance to your bathroom décor

Size: 1480 x 200

Turn on Dynamo to feel a refreshing burst of energy and style. Designed to blend in with your exclusive bathroom décor

Size: 1300 x 305 x 90

Our exquisitely designed INNOS, offers a bouquet of seamless functions to make bathing an eternally blissful & luxurious experience


Jubilee celebrates the joy of bathing with a set of intuitive features and stylish elements

Size: 1720 x 170 x 80

Pearl is the symbol of practicality and minimal but exclusive style. It incorporates essential and intelligent features

Size: 1464 x 140 x 483

Exemplifying perfection in design and functionality, Pemneda creates an elegant bathing environment for you to relax and be inspired.

Size: 1480 x 160

Peneda exemplifies refinement and sheer sophistication. It blends an array of practical and indulgent features to give you a bathing experience

Size: 1480 x 200

A symbol of priceless inspiration, Regent's stylish contours and convenient features are designed to shower you with a matchless bathing

Size: 1300 x 260 x 70

Sarah is an expression of inimitable styling and immense class. Wrapped in stainless steel, it creates an environment of absolute beauty

Size: 1403 X 120 X 447

Sprinkle brings a new level of sophistication to your bathroom with a melange of classic styles and modern design sensibilities

Size: 1464 x 140 x 483

Emerging mystically from the wall, Twister is the source from whence flows your eternal spring of rejuvenation.

Size: 1419 x 100 x 483

Designer Concealed Shower Panel, Water Capacity 3900 L, Thermostatic Shower Mixer With 4 Function Diverter

Size: 1500*120 mm

Rain Shower with Cascade Flow, Digital Thermostatic Mixer & Diverter, Brushed 304#SS Body with White PU Finish
Stainless Steel Painted Front Panel

Size: 700*100 mm

Concealed Shower Panel, Brushed Steel Panel, Designer Shower head with Angle for Better Fall of Water, 2 Inbuilt Body Jets, Thermostatic Shower Mixer With 3 Function

Size: 700*100 mm

Overhead Rain Shower, Made of 304# Stainless Steel, 2 Integrated Body jets, ABS multifunctional round hand shower, Concealed Mixer Diverter

Size: 1420*220 mm

Refresh, rejuvenate, and spice up your day with an outstanding bathing experience. Dive into the world of freshness with Oyster Bath shower columns.
We have designed and styled all our shower columns to adapt easily to any space in your bathroom. It will add an amazing aura to your bathroom and provide you with a wonderful bathing experience. 
We ensure that all our shower columns are indulged with all the features that are required for a refreshing and delightful bathing experience. We provide you a wide range of products, out of which you can select the best wellness and bathroom fitting accessories. All of our overhead showers are styled according to the latest trends and equipped with the advanced technologies. We want to give you the best in all possible ways.  
Our splendid range of overhead showers and shower columns are totally irresistible. Envelop your souls in the classic overhead shower from Oyster and have a sensational bathing experience. Each drop of water will rejuvenate your body and give you the exact feeling of rain. 
At Oyster Bath, we inspire and encourage our valuable clients to try the exotic ways of rejuvenation. We passionately want you to live luxuriously in the stimulating world of water. Our advanced techniques upgrade your simple overhead shower into a therapeutic instrument, which will shower you with many health benefits as well.  
All the exquisite designs of the overhead showers are innovations of language and thoughts conceived and executed very minutely. The overhead shower and the bath shower column is stately designed to adapt graceful spaces in your bathroom. We offer you an impressive showcase of ultra modern overhead showers. Choose from the variety of stylish products and spice up your boring day by taking a rejuvenating bath.  
In the wide catalog of the overhead shower and shower columns, we have Aqua, Arroyo, Astute, Cairo, Dynamo, Pearl, Sarah, Sprinkle, Twister and much more. Adjustable shower heads, movable misty jets, spray jets, overhead cascade and hand showers are inbuilt. All these bath showers are the exquisite expressions of style and dignified class wrapped in the metallic sheets. Are you ready to feel the warmth of fresh ripples in a new and different way with our prestigious Overhead shower columns?