One of the best bathtubs in India: Marena Bathtub

By mohit
Jan 30, 2017

Bathtubs have the power to not only enhance the beauty of your bathroom but to also provide you that place where you can release all your stress and frustrations. Relaxing in a bathtub is like no other. There are a variety of options available for you to choose from when you go to buy bathtubs in India. However, you can always choose to buy bathtubs online. 


One of the best bathtubs that you will come across is the Marena Bathtubs online. They are one of the most advanced yet friendly bathtubs. It is just like your personal spa. It has exclusive features that enable you to enjoy the wellness of water effectively. You can actually feel the waves gently caressing your body. 

Features of the Marena Bathtub

The Marena bathtub is basically a sunken bathtub. Some of the main features of the Marena bathtubs that make it so special are that it is made up of Lucite acrylic along with a 304# stainless steel frame. It has great technical features like the feather touch digital control panel, adjustable hydro-massage jets for body massage, efficient koller motor for water massage, blowers for air massage with extra slim air jets, a heater for temperature control and much more. With so many great features incorporated within a single bathtub, who would want to look at other options.

Installation of the Bathtub

As the Marena bathtub is a sunken bathtub, there are two ways that it can be installed in your bathroom. One is on the wooden deck and the other one is on the tilling floor. Whichever option you choose it is recommended that you check that the floor is levelled and solid enough to support the weight of the bathtub when it is filled. If you opt for the wooden deck installation, it is recommended that you create a wooden deck with the height of 750mm from the floor. While for the tiling floor installation, you should leave 750mm from the floor before tiling. 

You can buy the Marena bathtub online. It is one of the best bathtubs that you can choose. With all the amazing facilities you can enjoy yourself and distress yourself at the ease of your home.